Atelier Collection By Le Perla

Atelier CollectionThe Italian clothing brand La Perla is set to unveil the new instalment of its exquisite women’s lingerie line ‘Atelier Collection’ in Paris on January 26.

The range featuring looks inspired from the innerwear maker’s signature style elements has been designed by the brand’s creative director Emiliano Rinaldi in collaboration with the in-house design team.

In addition to the intimate apparel showcase, the Parisian event will also present an accessory collection created in partnership with the Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

After the lingerie fashion showcase, the range will be later displayed at the brand’s flagship in the French capital for interested buyers. Also the innerwear specialist will conduct private sales for the collection in various international cities in future.

Created by the brand’s talented designer Emiliano Rinaldi, the new range was inspired from the underwater animals such as oysters, flying fish, jellyfish and seahorses. Crafted from the label’s signature premium quality materials, including silk jacquard, luxe tassels, cashmere and cotton, the line includes robes, kimonos, long jackets, pyjama bottoms, shorts, sweatpants and T-shirts.

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