ATDC Organises Awareness Seminar On Lean Manufacturing

ATDC Organises Awareness Seminar On Lean ManufacturingThe ever changing technologies and the pressing need for increasing competitiveness in the Apparel industry are necessitating the need for introduction of new approaches. To promote the ‘Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme’ by the union ministry of MSME, ATDC Bengaluru organized the ‘Awareness Seminar’ in collaboration with National Productivity Council (NPC) on February 27. The seminar was inaugurated by Gautam Chakravarti, Director and CEO of Gokaldas Exports.

The main objective of the Scheme is to enhance the manufacturing competitiveness of the units through the application of various Lean Manufacturing techniques resulting in waste reduction, increased productivity, and introduction of innovative practices as well as imbibing culture of continuous improvement.

ATDC Organises Awareness Seminar On Lean Manufacturing

Six to ten MSME units participated in the scheme by forming a Mini-Cluster / Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The Participants of Mini-Cluster got the benefit of this scheme. 80 per cent cost of the Lean Manufacturing Consultant was contributed by the government and only the remaining 20 per cent was to be shared by the participating units of the Cluster.

The awareness seminar was attended by CEOs and promoters of leading garment manufacturing and exporting companies in Bengaluru.

In his presidential address Darlie Koshy DG & CEO, ATDC & IAM said, “It is time that the apparel industry takes initiatives to become competitive in manufacturing practices. The world around has grown leaps and bounds and many traditional practices have changed drastically. The garment industry has to keep with pace with the dynamics of the market and adopt innovative techniques to be competitive,” he said.

Mr. Chakravarti, in his address pointed out that the garment industry in Bengaluru is reeling under diverse pressures such as manpower, finance, customer compliance and government regulations. The cost of production has gone up manifold and every manufacturer is duty bound to find various means of cost reduction and adopt the process to reduce manufacturing time and increase production.

Mr. C Ashwin, Deputy Director, National Productivity Council (NPC) presented the Lean Manufacturing Competitive Cluster details to the audience. He said, “Under the National manufacturing policy, it is planned to increase the share of the MSME in the GDP from 14% to 25%.”

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