Arya Giri unveils love inspired collection & promotes Indian craft techniques

Arya Giri Unveils Love Inspired Collection & Promotes Indian Craft Techniques

Fashion designer Arya Giri has unveiled a limited edition of a capsule collection named ‘Love Edit’ to celebrate diverse forms of love and showcase Indian craft techniques like embroidered basics and folk-style motifs.

“We wanted to break away from traditional notions of love and create a collection that reflects the diverse ways we experience it,” the designer said in a press release.

“The ‘Love Edit’ is our interpretation of love – a fusion of classic Arya Giri silhouettes with modern elements that capture the essence of love in all its beauty and complexity,” Giri added.

The capsule collection has been launched in multi-brand boutiques Evoluzione, Curato, and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop in India as well as Flying Solo’s stores in Paris, France, and New York.

The ‘Love Edit’ mixes classic motifs such as embroidered hearts on t-shirts and abstract folk patterns with more playful pieces including a pink shirt with the slogan ‘obviously you have great taste’.

Designer Arya Giri was exposed to weaving communities from a young age and studied Fashion Media and Industries at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore.

The press release added that Giri aims to use her brand to shape global perspectives on Indian culture and artisan crafts.



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