Arvind is planning to increase two-fold by 2022

Arvind is planning to increase two-fold by 2022

The leading denim manufacturer in India, Arvind Ltd., executive director, Kulin Lalbhai is planning to double its textile turnover by 2022 from Rs. 6,000 crores at present, will setup large factories in Gujarat, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. Setting up of the factories in these states will create 30,000 – 40,000 jobs in the process, he added.

Arvind will raise by six-fold its garment making capacity from fabric to meet the rising demand for branded apparel, Lalbhai said. Arrow and US Polo Association is manufactured by Arvind in India.

The company is planning to convert only 10 percent of its fabrics into garments now by investing Rs. 1,500 crores in the coming three years to take the figure to 60 per cent.

 Arvind’s expansion plan is part of a global trend of selling garments directly to a brand as a full packaged solution rather than selling to an intermediary who converts and then sells to a brand, Lalbhai quoted.

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