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Latest in Apparel wear firms, product categories including outerwear, knitwear, jeans, sportswear, intimate apparel.

The latest developments in fibres and fabrics, trade shows preview & review, news on small, medium and large format companies

This section details about Apparel, Textile, Dress Material & Related products Manufacturers in India with the details of their product

This section details about Development & Growth in Retails market, Malls and EBO's in India. Related difficulties and possibilities.

The latest developments in Machinery, Software and Tools for everything from product design to inventory and supply chain management.

This section details about all kind of Accessories ( Metalic, Poly or Fabric), Tags & Labels, Packaging Materials, Fabricators, Dyers and Bleachers.

Latest on the sustainable and ethical production of textiles, apparel, technology, sourcing and training, from fabric, accessory and machinery innovations through to the latest factory, retail initiatives and developing skills– as well as those that don’t make the grade.

Detail of Govt. Body, Association, Chamber of Commerce, Research Association, Fashion Institute

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