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Rapid growth of online world has captured the minds of startups in Noida, especially e-retailers. Those who were selling products through different e-commerce sites such as Jabong, flipkart and myntra are now opening their own e-commerce platforms.

This rise in demand has also brought opportunities for e-commerce service providers. Many e-commerce service providers are offering solutions to these e-tailers. Such development has surely benefited both the sectors to grow rapidly.

"We have been using many convenient platforms to sell products. But, now, we have launched our own platform and are selling products here," founder of a Noida-based company said. The company has been in garment manufacturing and export business for 11 years.

Industry players believe the launch of exclusive e-commerce platforms will boost their businesses. Some of them have decided to launch company's e-commerce platforms to offer consumers with better at cheaper rates.

"There are some overhead expenses on other sites. We have to pay charges to these websites for displaying our products. To slash those overheads and provide products in lesser price, own website was launched. With this launch, we also expect our business to rise more than 15 per cent in the years to come."

They also cite other reasons for launching independent website instead of working with known e-commerce brands. "We launched our site six months ago and since then have widened our reach immensely," said Mr. Raj Kumar Garg, founder of buyfuniture.com, a city-based venture said. He added that the purpose of creating own e-commerce platform is to create the brand name and brand value.

He said displaying and selling of products on various platforms may help in sales, but would never let you create a separate identity as product will be recognised by the website name. "We chose to launch this platform because we wanted an independent identity."


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