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Textiles industry is facing stiff competition from foreign textile industry including our neighbouring countries especially from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as these countries are taking advantage of unilateral tariff preference scheme granted to developing countries.  India, which was also a beneficiary of the EU GSP has been graduated out of the GSP from 01.01.2014 for textiles and some other products.

The graduation out of countries is done by the EU based on the criterion of trade share. Hence Indian exporters of textile pay the normal customs duty of upto 8 per cent on textiles products being sent to EU from 01.01.2014 onwards. Sri Lanka is covered under a preference scheme of the EU namely GSP.

Bangladesh and Pakistan are covered under other unilateral preference scheme of the EU namely the “Everything but Arms (EBA)” and the “GSP Plus” respectively. Hence, they have zero duty access for textiles products into the EU.   China’s manufacturing base in Textiles is larger than India both in terms of yarn and fabric providing opportunities for higher garment manufacturing and exports. China has large and strong Infrastructure to meet global demand of Textiles and Clothing.

The government has undertaken research and studies on various facets of textile industry including estimating the domestic household market size of textiles, export competitiveness analysis of the Indian textiles in different export destinations of the world, textile minister, Mr. Santosh Kumar Gangwar has said in Lok Sabha in a written reply on August nine.


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