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Based on the well known yearbook “The Fiber Year” by Andreas Engelhardt, Groz-Beckert has taken this approach one step further and has amended this analysis with market data covering the textile fabric production. The result is the report “The Fabric Year” which provides a comprehensive view of production figures of the different fabric making technologies in the most important textile markets of the world. “The Fiber Year” in conjunction with the “The Fabric Year” presents a unique view of the textile value chain from the fiber to the fabric production.

For the first free of charge presentation of this new and comprehensive publication would be made at Groz-Beckert, Parkweg 2, 72458 Albstadt Auditorium of the Technology- and Development Center (TEZ) at Dornbin in Austria on September 22.

Along with the presentation of „The Fabric Year“ you can be looking forward to other interesting presentations of experts coming from highly innovative enterprises – all of them active in the textile environment.


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