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NIFT-TEA Knitwear Fashion Institute promoted by Tirupur garment exporters will take up with Synthetic and Arts Silk Mills Research (SASMIRA) to develop a gadget for dyeing ‘cotton fabrics’ without using water and also draft a curriculum on agro textiles. The technological innovations were planned as part of the collaborative projects.

NIFT-TEA Institute and SASMIRA signed a memorandum of understanding recently to promote development of new products, research activities and information exchange on new technologies.

The two bodies would also be involved in joint consultancy in the area of eco labeling besides helping Tirupur knitwear industry to make gigantic strides in the production of technical textiles and sourcing information regarding textiles used in the field of agriculture.

On the advanced appliance that has been planned to be developed for dyeing ‘cotton farbics’, R. R. Shrinivasan, chairman of Academic Committee in NIFT-TEA Institute said that it would be similar on the lines of a machine which SASMIRA had already developed for dyeing polyesters.

The equipment which SASMIRA developed for dyeing polyester fabrics used liquefied carbon dioxide instead of water.

The NIFT-TEA Institute will be further acting as a hub for developing new technologies using peculiar microbes to reduce the duration of effluent treatment in the dyeing segment.


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