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What began as a journey with a couple of 'Karigars' to manufacture trousers in 1996, Success today is widely reckoned as a major brand in the East that completes a men's wardrobe. And rightly so as the product assortment is large enough to cater to all the needs of the modern contemporary man. The brainchild of Rajnish Sethia, the brand's parent company is Agwani Fashions Private Limited.

Success showcases a wide variety of products divided into formal casual and partywear. Its formal and partywear suits are available at prices between Rs. 3,995 and Rs. 14,995, trousers between Rs. 895 and Rs. 1,995, formal and partywear blazers have their price range from Rs. 2,295 to Rs. 6,995. Apart from apparel, a Success store stocks a range of accessories such as ties, cufflinks, belts, wallets, etc. which are priced between Rs. 195 and Rs. 1,195. The latest addition to the collection is a range of brightly hued Jawahar jackets, which have received a great feedback, thus boosting their spirits to keep experimenting. The brand's fastest selling price bands are Rs. 1,295 in trousers, Rs. 5,995 in suits and Rs. 595 in accessories. Its fastest selling products include T-shirts, trousers and new entrant – Jawahar jackets.

It is its fast adaptation of fashion trends. The latest in-style statement is provided to the customers at the right price and its availability is ensured at the right time. It plans to absorb the trends faster and provide customers the latest in fashion. The brand has achieved a growth rate of 20 to 25 per cent consistently over the years.

Success is present at more than 350 MBOs across India and 16 EBOs in cities like Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Durgapur, Dhanbad, Asansol, Guwahati, Raipur etc. They are a mix of company-owned as well as franchise formal stores. It has a retail presence in shop-in-shop chains like Central and Brand Factory. It is also present on the leading e-commerce portal, flipkart.com.

Success caters to men aged between 20 and 35 years with a monthly income of above Rs. 25,000. They have great interest for fashion and pick garments with care and concern. The brand's customer profile dynamics has shifted in the recent past, as the customers are provided with a vast collection to choose from for various occasions and festivals round the year.

The location of a store is a crucial aspect for a brand, so believes Sethia. “Yes, the location is a big factor. If the location is well-selected, the brand's visibility increases and the customers are thus attracted, resulting in a good footfall. Occasionally, a new set of customers are added to the company profile.”

Success marks its store presence in malls as well as on high streets. The average size of a Success store in 500 sq. ft. which takes up an investment of Rs.25 lakh. The retailer margin in the garment business is approximately 35 per cent mark-down. If the store area is about 350 sq. ft. it is manned by about three employees. The ratio is one staff for every 200 sq. ft. The company has a well- trained staff, who are familiar with the code of conduct, mannerisms and ethics to be followed along with the basic product know-how. They are also encouraged to participate in personality development workshops at regular intervals. Success participates in garment fairs twice a year to showcase their Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer collections and to interact with the buyers as well as make bookings for the season.

The brand has a partnership with a non-profit organization- 'Child Rights and You' that aims to restore the children's rights.

As the marketing strategy is to be active in this fiscal, the brand's expansion plans are to cover the entire eastern market with increasing concentration in the Tier II and III cities. It will be open to franchise formats to have a more intensive retail presence in the East. Thereafter, it plans to increase their focus in southern India.

It also has plans to be available on leading online shopping portals in the near future and intends to start selling its goods through their own e-commerce website, as well.

The company is set to increase its store count in the region and develop its merchandise. The company targets to open five more stores in this fiscal, which will be a mix of company owned and franchise format stores, according to company sources


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