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The Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) has begun an incubation and resource centre in Gurgaon. The centre will enable business visionaries to work, associate and quicken their organizations. With the plan to give a platform to new companies and essential ability to set up and operate a manufacturing facility and information on foreign markets to its members.  

Ashok Rajani , chairman, AEPC said that India is world's second biggest exporter of textiles and the textile and apparel division represents around 5 per cent of nation's GDP and 15 per cent of industrial output. Supporting Indian manufacturing organizations to enter and grow in outside business sectors is one of the primary missions of the AEPC and to help the board in the satisfaction of its goal, the AEPC incubation and resource facility has been initiated and glad to launch the facility here in Gurgaon.

The government will give a chance to new companies to interface with financial specialists, guides and corporates. AEPC for its facility has signed a MoU with 3M to establish a mutual collaboration that seeks to enhance occupational safety of workers and another MoU with association of NIFT alumni to bridge the gap and enhance the relationship between alumni of the most prestigious fashion institute of the country and the industry.

AEPC in a statement said, "Shortlisted startups will be given access to workstations, meeting rooms, event space, and a space to unwind in within the facility. Beyond this, startups will also be given the opportunity to connect with investors, mentors, corporates and be a part of training, workshops and competitions conducted by our industry partners. Shortlisted startups will be given access to workstations, meeting rooms, event space, and a space to unwind in within the facility."

The incubation and resource centre of AEPC is imagined to give data to exporters on outside business sectors, to fill in as a startup brooding focus and to encourage production of new information through securing, association and scattering of learning assets, which would incorporate a wide assortment of content and reference books, magazines, journals, samples, AV resources and documents on fashion history, costumes, promoting, administration and related disciplines.

"The Centre will act as an innovation hub and information dissemination centre for the innovators and industry, bridging the gap between them. The Trend forecast service which will be available at the incubation centre will help in getting insights and acquisition of knowledge on fashion trends for the coming seasons. The centre will act as a facilitator to Indian companies which can find complete knowledge and assistance services," said Rajani.

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