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'Bumchums' launches new ad campaign to reinforce its core message, Fun It Up! The new campaign is an attempt by the brand to resuscitate its public perception, and emerge as a young and fashion forward brand that it is!

Announcing the launch, Rajnish Agarwal, brand president, Bumchums said, "We are delighted to roll out the new campaign. With this, we plan to give a fresh look to the brand and add up to the fun quotient. To harp on this, we’ve amplified our tagline “Fun It Up”. Now you’ll see our tagline in a much bigger font positioned in a slanting way. We’ve also added an arrow to the tagline, which again highlights our fashion forwardness and strengthens our commitment to bring the best to our consumers.”

Bumchums’ new campaign focuses on enhancing the brand perception, as well as to establish a stronger connect with the end consumers. The brand also aims to highlight its product offerings and its wide product portfolio through the campaign. 

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