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The custom clothing brand from Arvind, ‘Creyate’ will soon open a flagship store in Mumbai. This will offer an integration of technology with contemporary retail space and concierge home-visit services. It aims at give customers the power to choose and customise every detail of their garment. It also offers a fine selection of accessories, ties, pocket squares, bow ties, lapel pins, cufflinks etc.

The store is equipped with a 3D customisation studio for the consumer to explore more than a million permutations and combinations from fabrics, styles, components, accents, monograms. Stewards will assist clients in personalising their wardrobe needs. The first-time-right measurement system will take up to 26 measurements and body observations. It will provide an unparalleled experience with the help of an intuitive user-interface where customers can personalise almost everything about their garment and can digitally visualise their rendition in real time before purchasing the garment.

There will also be a curated set of collections. The goal of the brand is to help customer’s select one dress according to their shape in custom-made garments that flatter and fit to perfection. The new store will also house two new seasonal collections of the brand, Linea D’oro Collection and Neo Classic Ceremonial Collection.

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