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Duerkopp Adler from Germany, one of the popular brands in the international sewing machine industry, organized a solo show by Mehala Machines India Limited at NKPY Hotel near IFFCO IFFCO chowk, Gurgaon from June 26 to display its various specialised machines.

Those machines are designed for stitching up jackets, trousers, jeans and shirts to perfection with efficiency. The Duerkopp machines present new control concept and integration of electronic component and functions for increased performance, easy maintenance and less energy consumption. Use of Duerkopp Adler machines adds value to the jackets, trousers and shirts manufacturing in terms of assured best quality.

 Some of the machines are listed below:

  1. 281-140342-02             : Semi Dry Head,Direct Drive Lockstitch Machine with thread
                                         nipper for neat seam finishing.­
  2. 580-321                       : Eyelet Button Hole Machine with Multiplex cutting system for
                                         Trousers, Jackets and Sherwanies.
  3. 540-100-01                  : Automatic Lockstitch Button Hole Machine for Shirts.

     4.  532-211 BF                   : CNC- Controlled Automatic Lockstitch Button Sewing Machine
                                               with Automatic Button Feed Device.

     5. 100-69                          : Runstitch Machine for Slanted piped pocket, flap pocket and
                                               welt pocket for trousers, Outside and inside pockets of men’s
                                               jackets, Zipper pockets and Breast welt pockets.         

     6. 650-16                          : Programmable Sleeve Setting Machine for with & without
                                               pre-ruffled sleeve crown for Jackets and Sherwanies.

     7. 609-10001                     : Single Needle Lockstitch Basting Machine for Arm Hole
                                               Stitching with Thread Trimmer.      

     8. 1225-5                          : Machine for Serging of Front and Hind Trousers with or
                                               without knee lining.

     9. 512-211                        : CNC- Controlled Automatic Lockstitch Bartacker Machine.

   10.806N-121-0                    : Sewing Unit for Automatic creasing and attaching of Shirt

   11. 971                              : Sewing unit for Runstitching and Trimming of Cuffs.

   12. 275-140342-01              : Single Needle Lockstitch Machine for Bottom Heming of Shirts.

   13. 697-15155                    : Machine for attaching Sleeve Lining in Armholes through the
                                              Shoulder Pad.

   14. 906                              : Sewing Unit for Attaching of Pre- Creased JEANS Pockets.

Mehala Machines India Limited, an ISO Catrified company represents some of the most popolar and strong Brands from Europe like Duerkopp Adler, Pfaff, Topcut Bullmer, Macpi, KSM-Pfaff, Jam,Schips, Pisani besides the best brand from Taiwan ‘Siruba’. Mehala has 18 Branches and over 400 dealers spread over India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and is in the business of serving the Garment Manufacturing Industry for the last four decades. 


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