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Premium Cotton Inner Wear Brand


Ema Magnato focusing towards Middle East.

With its high quality and fashionable cutting, hosiery and innerwear brand ‘Ema Magnato’ is now in great demand both in domestic and international markets.

Manufactured in the company’s state-of-the art cutting machine units, Trimurti Textile Industries, owner of the Brand, always maintained the standards of its products with using high quality materials resulting in a steady increase in its popularity in the markets.

‘The growth of our brand is accelerating fast in the last few years because of its increasing demand in different markets in the country. On the export front, the brand has high potential in Middle East and ‘We are planning to spread our wings there,’ the owner of the company “Prem Prakash Biyani“ said.

Set up in 1987, the company is now under negotiations with some e-commerce retail vendors to market its products straight to the doorsteps of the consumers.

About the much-wanted labour reforms, Biyani said ‘It is the need of the hour to have a modified labour reform for the progress of the industry as a whole, particularly in West Bengal.