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Brand - Sh-riff

C. K. International was established in the year 1985 in Howrah by Mr. Chand Ladha. They have started their manufacturing with the brand name Sh-riff and flourished their business all over India in the last few years.

At present they are manufacturing Casual, Formal, Party Wear and Occasional Shirts under the brand name “Sh-riff”. They are also manufacturing Trousers, Blazers and Jackets etc.

Mr. Ladha told that his brand is more popular in Eastern India and time time they are participating in all the garment fairs held in West Bengal and North-East to build their brand stronger.

Brand “Sh-riff” have been steadily expanding and growing their customer base with their presence at 500 MBOs and 10 EBOs in West Bengal and North-East.

He said that his teams are taking more care about their products quality and providing better services to their dealers.