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Men's Ethnic Wear


Experience the pleasure of true Indianness and fascinate yourself with a breathtaking range of ethnic men's wear from Re-Ch Apparels Pvt. Ltd. designed & fabricated to perfection to ensure that you get maximum style, comfort & class.

Available are an exclusive range of KURTA SUITS of Indian ethnic designs and the widest range of designer SHERWANIS & JODHPURIS for all auspicious occasions, which speak for themselves. Each piece is designed individually to suit your desires & HAND EMBROIDERED to give you the true royal look. We guarantee your inner satisfaction. This is one brand that tries to bring in best of Indian craftsmanship in Production.

Re-Ch Apparels Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned label and force to reckon with on Fashion spectrum of the world and giving strength to its logo of perfection & satisfaction. To maintain ones level & popularity is difficult for others but a practice for Re-Ch Apparels Pvt. Ltd. At Re-ch Apparels Pvt. Ltd. Perfection is our goal excellence will be tolerated.

At our design center our clothing are carefully hand made to your specifications. Our strong quality control process is an integral part of our successful operation, one that emphasizes quality and high standards of fabric & workmanship.


At the design studio of Re-ch Apparels Pvt. Ltd. one can see the fusion of tradition and technology. Here the best and the finest designers constantly innovate, develop and create new designs. Higher standards of inspection at all stages, using the latest test equipments, ensures the near perfect quality and 'integrity'.


The timeless appeal of this elegant wedding attire attains perfection with our superb fits and rich fabrics, embellished with embroidery inspired by the diverse cultures of India.


One of the most elegant of Indian traditional men's wear are designed with hand embroidery that have been handed down from generation to generation. Today, embroidery cannot be looked upon just as a tool of woman's expression. It has now entered men's arena also.