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Company Info

Founded under the auspices of the Late Shri Ramchand Belani, the Ramsons Group has been in existence for over 50 years now. Our founder was a visionary leader and the main driving force that has got us to where we are now. Gifted with the knowledge and wisdom to properly run every aspect of a company, it was his foresight and vision that has gotten us to where we are now.

Ramsons is currently headed by the three sons of our founder, Mr. Ramchand Belani: Mr. Prakash Belani, Mr. Chand Belani and Mr. Sunder Belani

We have a dedicated team of close to 800 people all over India and abroad. We strive to create the most precisely engineered products and are also the market leaders in providing after sales service.

With 5 production facilities in and around Bangalore all working under the most stringent quality standards and using state of the art equipment, Ramsonsguarantees best in class equipment.

Ramsons has been a pioneer in the manufacture of Garment Finishing Equipment for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being innovators and manufactures in India. Ramsons is invariably the leader in coming out with new technology for the Indian market. Our special relationship’s with wonderful companies such as Viet, Suprema and Oshima, just to name a few, has given us a market niche.

We also cater to various other industries such as commercial laundries and dry cleaners, hotels and hospitals. Our range of laundry equipment is second to none and our continuous research and development helps stay at the top if this field.