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Our Company, incorporated in the year 1987, is one of India’s leading women’s innerwear manufacturers. Our products include brassieres, panties, slips / camisoles, homewear, shapewear, foundation garments and sleepwear products. On December 26, 1995, our Company was licensed the brand “Lovable” from Lovable World Trading Company, USA. Subsequently, by an agreement dated December 23, 2000, our Company acquired the brand “Lovable” from Lovable World Trading Company, USA on an exclusive basis for the territories of India, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. The innerwear products manufactured under the brand “Lovable” cater to the premium segment market in India.

“Lovable” and “Daisy Dee” are our flagship brands. Our brand “Lovable” is amongst the top three most preferred brand in women’s innerwear in India (Source: CARE Report).As part of our growth strategy, we have diversified our portfolio of brands and acquired brands like “Daisy Dee” from Maxwell Industries Limited through a memorandum of understanding dated March 18, 2004 to cater the mid segment market in India and also acquired the brand “College Style” from Levitus Trading Limited, Hong Kong through a deed of assignment dated March 17, 2009 to cater to the young segment of India. Our Company has also in the past marketed the “Vanity Fair” brand of women’s innerwear garments, which was licensed from VF Corporation Inc., USA.

Our Company’s core competency lies in understanding the prevailing trends in the women’s innerwear market and the buying preferences of our customers and accordingly manufacturing quality innerwear garments to assure our customers of product quality and fit consistency in trendy women’s innerwear. In addition, our competency also lies in identifying the gaps and foraying into the untapped women’s innerwear market segments with unique products. In the year 1995 our Company identified that the Indian market was developing and there was potential for launching and sustaining a premium women’s innerwear brand and pursuant to a license agreement with Lovable World Trading Company, USA (“LWTC”) we acquired the technical expertise for producing international standard innerwear for women. Our Company has its design studio since 1996. It was started and managed by our designers who were trained in the women’s innerwear design at Lovable USA’s studio in Atlanta.

We believe our Company has been successful in establishing one of the first international women’s innerwear brand in the Indian market. Our Company is a marketing centric organisation, which works on the consumer’s need and accordingly modifies the innerwear product and design know-how. Our Company sources certain international innerwear materials like lace and fabric for the women’s innerwear products it manufactures and retails to premium outlets. Our Company segments the customer as per their psychographics, biases and affinities, and the look and fit and features desired. Our Company has established our product segments like All Day Long, Cotton Essensuals, Encircle and Tease, at a time when women’s innerwear market was at its nascent stage. We believe that these focused segments and their customer franchise remain our strength till today.

Our Company is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has three (03) manufacturing facilities of which two (02) are situated at Kanakapura road in Bengaluru and one (01) is situated in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Our two (02) manufacturing facilities situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka commenced operations in the year 1995 and the year 2005, respectively and have a total installed capacity of 30 lac pieces each per annum to manufacture brassiere and panties. Going forward, we propose to implement a project for modernization and integration at a new location in Doddakalasandra, Bengaluru which will result in increase in capacity and value-addition by 25 lacs pieces per annum. The manufacturing unit situated at Roorkee, Uttarakhand commenced operation in February, 2010 and has an installed capacity of 7.5 lac pieces per annum to manufacture brassiere and panties.

Our first manufacturing facility was set up as per the specifications from LWTC. Similarly our other two manufacturing units maintain the same specifications to maintain international standards. Production lines were set up as per the layouts and configurations that were in use at our licensor’s factories. Our production managers received training at LWTC’s factory in Costa Rica, Central America. 

In order to keep up with consumer tastes and fashion cycles, our Company has set up an in house design studio for developing innerwear products and creating styles to meet the global standards. We have a design studio in Bengaluru, Karnataka with the latest equipments and a team of designers. Our design studio is equipped with latest software with requisite hardware like digitiser, pattern grader, sampling, sewing machines and sample analyser. Our design studio has a team of designers, pattern makers and sample makers who put together international trends and innovative features in our innerwear products and which are updated from visits to international women’s innerwear and raw materials fairs, industry literature and women’s innerwear websites. Our Company continuously works on the basis of consumer feedback, by visiting trendsetting international markets and meeting market participants at such markets.