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The humble journey began with the inspiration of Mr. Pradip Kumar Kochar, who had a vision to serve the textile & garment sectors because of his proximity to it since his early age, by projecting their activities and development in the country. To execute his desire, he, a resident of Howrah, started a publication Freeman's Apparel Manufacturers Directory in a small way 19 years back. The directory contained the detail list of apparel brands product-wise of Apparel & Textile sector including Accessories, Machineries & Packaging Materials.

Day by day it started gaining popularity for its meaningful resources for the benefit of the manufacturers & retailers including exporters, agent, distributors and suppliers of the sector. Apparel Retailers found a proper handbook to establish contacts with their counterparts in other parts of the country to exchange business. Initially it was a one man show, who gradually diversified the directory further covering more and more areas into its fold like Menswear & Ladies wear including Kids wear and other occasional wear.

He travelled alone extensively to collect the details of upcoming manufacturers in remote cities and town to enrich the directory for the users. Gradually, a directory summit of popularity and demand which ultimately fulfilled the aspiration of the 52 years old publisher, now a renowned social worker.

Having been directly involved with those connected with the apparel and textile business, Mr. Kochar could realize their need for more and more information & news on the day to day activities of the sector. This initiated to bring out a quarterly magazine “Apparel Talk” under Freeman Apparel & Lifestyle, which till now continues to provide latest information to the people across the country. The magazine covers various areas like Fashion in Apparel & Textile with other area like Jute, Leather and Jewellery. 

Now, for providing regular updated news coverage of the sector, with the help of his son Mr. Rishav Kochar, B.Tech & daughter Ms. Yatika Kochar, we have further strengthened online services through our existing website www.indian-apparel.com operational since last 14 years.

We will now provide a full-fledged coverage of all the happenings in Apparel & Textile including Machineries, Accessories and other related sectors in capsule form. Just with a simple click, a busy viewers will have glimpses of day to day apparel news coverage of the sector.

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