Apparel Textile Sourcing Show in Canada on August

 Canada’s first apparel and textile sourcing show, ‘Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada’ (ATSC) will be held at the International Centre in Toronto from August 22.

The three-day trade show brings together more than 200 apparel and textile manufacturers from around the world, including China, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, the US, Honduras, Peru and other countries.

“ATSC will provide attendees with new insights and up-to-date information needed to more easily and effectively navigate through the sourcing process,” the organisers said.

Global industry expert Jeff Streader, who will be delivering a keynote speech at the event said, “When it comes to fashion, the demands of today’s consumer have changed.”

“And so, apparel manufacturers and retailers need to be more flexible and responsive to cater to shoppers ‘see it now, want to wear it now’ mindset in order to survive and thrive,” he added.