Apparel And Garment Making Centre For Manipur

Apparel And Garment Making Centre For ManipurTextile minister, Santosh Kumar Gangwar and Manipur chief minister O. Ibobi Singh today laid the foundation stone for an Apparel & Garment Making Centre at Imphal. The centre will come up at Lamboikongnangkhong, located at the western part of the state.

The centre is being set up as part of the announcement made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the adjoining state of Nagaland, on December. The Prime Minister had announced that an Apparel and Garment Making Centre shall be constructed in all North Eastern states. Work on such a centre for Nagaland has already begun. Gangwar will also lay the foundation stone for an Apparel & Garment Making Unit at Namchi District, Sikkim, tomorrow.

The textiles minister said that the project will be a beginning in the direction of setting up of organized textile industry in North Eastern Region. He said Prime Minister has a special concern for the states of the North East. In line with this, the textiles ministry is implementing various schemes to boost the textiles sector in the region.

Gangwar expressed his ministry’s commitment in pursuing the development of all segments of textiles industry in the region. He said that the ministry is working in a committed manner to enable the workers of the Indian textiles sector to get due value for their rich cultural products. The minister assured that all necessary cooperation will be extended to all stakeholders for strengthening the textiles sector in the country.

Textile secretary, S. K. Panda, who were also present, said each centre is estimated to generate direct employment for 1,200 people. The project will be fully funded by the ministry of textile. The estimated expense is Rs. 18.18 crores, for each state, he said.

The State Government’s contribution is in the form of land admeasuring 1.5 acre; Manipur government has already identified land at Lamboikongnangkhong. The textiles minister inspected the proposed site, earlier in the day.

Scheme to Promote Geotechnical Textiles in NER

The textile minister during his hectic activities in the North Eastern Region today also launched a scheme to promote usage of Geotechnical textiles at imphal, capital town of Manipur in North Eastern Region (NER).

The ultimate objective of the scheme is to introduce modern cost-effective technology pertaining to the application and usage of geotechnical textiles in the development of infrastructure of NE Region, which is likely to boost its economy.

The textiles minister said that the scheme is being launched, recognizing the relevance and potential of the application of Geotechnical Textiles in NER.

Geotechnical Textiles is a proven technology world over. Geotechnical Textiles provide the functional advantages of higher endurance and durability in roads and infrastructure projects. Most of the developed countries have established empirical evidence about these advantages through numerous studies as well as onsite trials. In consideration of these benefits, Geotechnical Textiles have now become a way of life in the developed parts of the world.

Launch of Sericulture Schemes

Textile minister also launched two sericulture schemes at Imphal .The textile ministry has approved Phase–II of Manipur Sericulture Project under the North East Region Textile Promotion Scheme (NERTPS). The project has been approved for implementation of Mulberry Sericulture development programmes over a period of three years at the cost of Rs. 149.76 crore, of which the ministry’s share is Rs. 126.60 crore. The central share of Rs. 30.08 crore meant for 2014-’15 has already been released to the state.

The project is expected to yield 638 MT of mulberry raw silk with a value of Rs. 159.38 crore during the project period. After attaining full potential, the project will facilitate production of 203 MT of mulberry raw silk/year with a value of Rs.50.62 crore at current prices.

Power loom Estate for Manipur 

In another event, both Gangwar and Ibobi Singh laid the foundation stone for a Powerloom Estate in Imphal. The Estate will also be situated at Lamboikongnangkhong.

The Comprehensive Powerloom development project is being set up by the Manipur government under the Centre’s North East Region Textile Promotion Scheme (NERTPS).

On laying the foundation, textile minister said that the powerloom Estate is being started with a view to catering the needs of weavers/entrepreneurs of Manipur. It would help them to set up powerloom units under work-sheds, thereby generating employment opportunities.

Each work-sheds shall consist of multiple semi-automatic powerloom machines with requisite accessories. The center will provide all possible technical assistance and advice to 41 identified/entrepreneurs on a continuous basis for sustained development of the sector.

The state Government has identified a suitable piece of land of 45 acre near the Trade and Permanent Exhibition center at your Lamboikongnangkhong, at a distance of 2 km from Imphal for setting up the Powerloom Development Project.

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