Anushka launches her new clothing line NUSH

Anushka launches her new clothing line NUSH

The actress cum producer Anushka Sharma has now turned designer and launched her new exquisite clothing line “Nush” yesterday. She says it is daunting and she is excited but nervous too at the launch of her new venture.

Anushka has launched 160 pieces under the Autumn/Winter Collection and these will be available on some popular online stores and major retail outlets around the country. From florals to solids; midi dresses to jumpsuits; jeans and jackets; fun tees and make up her Autumn/Winter collection ’17.

The actress says, each one of us is unique and has our own dressing styles that suit us. We’ve tried to create clothes that you can wear to work, to college, to an evening do or even just to hang out casually.

“The idea of wanting to have my own clothing brand is something that I was thinking about from the past 4-5 years and because I’ve always done something that I love, whether it was starting to make films with my production Clean Slate Films. And today, whether it is doing something that I love which is wearing good clothes, so I present my venture, something very special to me, it is a clothing line, Nush,” she said.

With Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and many more celebrities having their own labels and clothing line, so Anushka, when asked about the big rush to enter the fashion industry “rat-race”, said it was the more, the merrier. More brands, more designs, more styles, more choice and if I can enable and add value to that, I think that is a great thing, she added. This isn’t the line for folks who are looking for a slice of Bollywood glamour, but it will find a following amongst people who prefer simple, understated and casual clothes for everyday wear.

The clothing line will range from INR 699 to INR 3,999.

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