Anti-dumping Duty on Elastomeric Filament Yarn Imports

Anti-dumping Duty on Elastomeric Filament Yarn Imports

Ever since the finance ministry has imposed definitive anti-dumping duty on elastomeric filament yarn imports from Vietnam, China, South Korea and Taiwan, Indian market of filament yarns has attracted worldwide attention. These filament yarns are commonly referred to as Spandex or Elastane.

Spandex yarn is mainly used to make garments that require great comfort and fit like hosiery, swimsuits, disposable diaper, sportswear and so on.

The revenue department, based on the recommendations of the designated authority in the commerce ministry, has imposed anti-dumping duty that ranged from ‘Nil’ rate to 3.34 US dollar per kilogram depending on the producer and the country of export. Spandex export, in particular, by China may majorly get affected.

With imposition of duty, the domestic industry may now be protected from cheap imports of elastomeric filament yarns that are used in the manufacturing of hosiery, swimwear etc.

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