Anil Goteti in charge of Ebay India

Anil Goteti in charge of Ebay India

Head of Flipkart Anil Goteti will be the new in charge of Ebay India, which the marketplace recently acquired. Goteti is the head of the retail product and operations team at Flipkart and will now supervise the cross-border trade business of Ebay India.

The deal to acquire Ebay India was made in April this year after Flipkart raised 1.4 billion US Dollar from companies like Ebay, Microsoft and Tencent. Ebay made a cash investment of 500 million US Dollar in Flipkart for an equity stake and sold its India business to Flipkart.

Ebay India will continue to be an independent entity under Flipkart and the Indian e-commerce giant has already started operating the former.

The companies will also tap cross-border trade opportunities, thus offering a wide range of global products from Ebay to Flipkart customers. On the other hand, Ebay customers will get access to Indian inventory of sellers on Flipkart. The merger will also help Flipkart sellers to expand their business globally.

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