Smart Clothes And Intelligent Textile Concept

Aim To Introduce Smart Clothes And Intelligent Textile Concept

Smart Clothes And Intelligent Textile ConceptNike and Levi’s are to introduce the fashion world with the trend of experimenting with new fabrics. They aim to introduce the concept of ‘smart clothes and intelligent textile’ which is a measure to make use of trash and recycle it in such a manner to be called a treasure trove of every individual’s wardrobe.

Recycled polyester is one of the countless new-age synthetic textiles to have been received by the fashion industry. Viscose, polyester, neoprene, radiation-safe fabric started in 1950s, when lycra hit the market, is innovating by the day.

Use of organic materials needs to blend or at least co-exist with reinvented technologies.

Harkirat Singh, managing director, Aero Club, before talking about Woodland’s Pure Green collection said that the textile industry has new technologies that use specialised ways to produce materials based on the need, cost and climatic conditions of a particular market. Khadi and other organic fabrics have always co-existed in the industry

He stressed the needs for newer synthetic fabrics. The products in question have high quality wicking properties and are very helpful during long distance trekking and outdoor activities. Singh said that they are completely safe, skin friendly and ensure a non-biodegradable waste like PET bottle is recycled for development of useful products.

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