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Action against Online Retailers Demanded

Sajjanraj MehtaOnline RetailFormer president of Karnataka Hosiery and Garment Association, Mr. Sajjan Raj Mehta has urged the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi to take necessary action to arrest negative business being promoted by online portals and save the country’s valuable revenue “from looting by those multinationals for their personal gains”.

Mr. Mehta, who is also a member of Bhartiya Udhyog Vyapar Mandal, in a statement said since last two years online business had started penetrating into the retail business with negative pricing to destabilize ‘businessman like us’. Scenario reaches to such extent that the online portals have discounted the price to the tune of 30 per cent from the wholesale landing price. “They are trying to spoil the total atmosphere of business and driving innocent public in our country from the small and medium store, which is a backbone of Indian economy”.

Mr. Mehta felt that it is a right time for MSME businessmen to pledge that “we will not sell our products to such portals which promote negative sales. We are the one who support these looters by providing our products to be sold undercost. This will ultimately kill the MSME as we are making them powerful by selling or buying products through these online retailers.

Mr. Mehta expressed the hope that the Prime Minister will not allow any disruption of the prevailing system of retail trading and safeguard MSME section of Indian society.

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