Aarke by Ritu Kumar opens 104th retail store in Pune

Aarke By Ritu Kumar Opens 104th Retail Store In Pune

Aarke by Ritu Kumar has opened its 104th retail store in India at Phoenix Marketcity Pune, marking another milestone for this iconic brand. 

“Aarke by Ritu Kumar stands as a patron symbolising India’s vibrant contemporary cultural spirit,” the brand said in a press release.

In the midst of a rapidly evolving cultural landscape, the brand recognises the diverse influences shaping the experiences of today’s young women. 

“Embracing both foreign aesthetics and India’s unique identity, Aarke by Ritu Kumar emerges as a testament to this cultural convergence,” the fashion company added.

Aarke by Ritu Kumar is more than a designer brand; it’s a representation of young urban India, drawing inspiration from global trends with its core identity deeply rooted in Indian design aesthetics. 

The brand’s sophisticated and meticulously crafted look mirrors the essence of India’s reawakening individuality, making a significant impact on the global stage.

Aarke by Ritu Kumar believes in being a symbol of the new energy surging through India in a world flooded with external influences, the brand aims to define and celebrate India’s unique identity. 

The brand actively collaborates with talent in the arts, providing an open platform for unique expressions from today’s generation. 

Aarke by Ritu Kumar sees these collaborations as a collaborative and individualistic process, where the design house offers a structure for artists to build and express their vision.

The opening of the 104th store at Phoenix Marketcity Pune signifies the brand’s commitment to being at the forefront of India’s cultural and fashion awakening. Aarke by Ritu Kumar continues to be a beacon of style, individuality, and cultural significance.

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