8% Growth in Global Textiles & Clothing Exports in 2013

WTOWorld exports of textiles and clothing increased by 8 per cent year-on-year in 2013, about four times higher than the average growth rate of 2 per cent , according to the International Trade Statistics 2014, released by the World Trade Organization last week.

A positive growth was recorded by all the top ten textiles and apparel exporting countries, viz. China, EU28, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the US, South Korea, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Among the top ten, the highest growth in textiles and garment exports was registered by India, with 23 per cent, while South Korea recorded the lowest growth rate of 2 per cent.

Compared to 2012, Vietnam overtook the United States as the sixth-largest exporter of textiles and clothing in 2013, while all other nations saw their positions unchanged.

China continued to be the leading exporter of textiles and clothing, with a 39 per cent share in world exports of clothing and 35 per cent share in textiles in 2013.

The European Union was the largest importer of clothing, accounting for 38 per cent of world textiles and garment imports in 2013, followed by the United States with 19 per cent of world imports.

The value of global textiles and clothing exports in 2013 stood at US$ 766 billion, with China alone accounting for $284 billion, followed by the EU28 and India with $190.2 billion and $35.7 billion, respectively.

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