15 New Fitness Studios By Reebok

15 New Fitness Studios By ReebokReebok is prepping up to launch 15 new format stores called ‘Fitness Studios’ in the country by the end of 2016 in its endeavour to re-establish itself as an exclusive fitness promoting brand in India.

The company, which is going through an image makeover process since 2012, will not only sell sports products but would also offer yoga, aerobics and different workout classes through the new studios.

15 New Fitness Studios By Reebok

The Adidas Group-owned brand has recently made some changes in its product offerings to rebuild itself in the market. It has introduced new fitness-centric products and stopped selling goods like cricket bats.

By mid-2017, the firm plans to transform all its existing 300 retail stores into Fitness Hubs, a special kind of a store format which sells fitness and training products as well as specialises in community-based fitness advice, guidance and information services

The company currently owns one Fitness Studio in Mumbai and some 130 Fitness Hub format stores in all over the country.

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