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Comeback of Fashion Retailer American Apparel

The iconic North American fashion brand American Apparel that rose to stardom for its ‘Made in Los Angeles’ clothing is back in business. There are close to no changes in the design and appearance of in branding but with its new factories in Honduras, the fashion retailer is reconsidering its initial product pitch. The brand is now shifting focus towards ethical production and dedicates sections on its website that talk…
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New Stockholder Rights Plan Adopted By American Apparel

Retailer American Apparel Inc. said it has adopted a new, one-year stockholder rights plan with a 10 per cent trigger. "The board implemented the rights plan as an additional means to ensure that all American Apparel stockholders are treated fairly," the Los Angeles-based retailer said in a statement. Each right will entitle its holder to purchase, for $ each, a number of shares of the company's common stock or substantially…
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